Mahalo, the human-edited search engine founded by Jason Calacanis, is asking for part time guides to help produce its search results.

The search engine, which launched in alpha last month, aims to better Google’s by having a team of editors filter out spam and irrelevant content and handcraft its results.

Mahalo currently has 4,000 search terms covered, and says its team of 40 editors are currently producing 500 new search terms a week, with the target being 10,000 results.

To speed up the process, Calacanis is offering to pay between $10 and $15 for each search result that is added to Mahalo. He is looking for part time guides with experience of Wikipedia and other social media sites.

Calacanis announced the news at the New Media Knowledge Forum yesterday, where he also had a few words to say about what he called the “absurdity” that is SEO.

He told the forum:

“A company could spend $10,000 making its site more visible to search engines, and making it work better for machines. But wouldn’t it be better to spend $10,000 on making that website better for people? SEO is a complete waste of time – just snake oil salesmen in cheap suits.”

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