Majestic Wines launched its new mobile website earlier this month. 

As we reported at the time, the site is well designed and easy to navigate although the checkout process could be improved.

And the early signs are good, within the first two weeks of launch mobile traffic had increased by 15% and visits to the store finder pages were up 60%.

Majestic enlisted Usablenet to create a mobile optimised site after traffic from tablets quadrupled and smartphone visits doubled during 2011.

Majestic’s E-commerce analyst Graham Everitt said that by the end of 2011 tablets accounted for 10% of site traffic, with smartphones a few per cent lower.

Tablets were converting almost as well as desktop, but smartphone conversions were around a tenth of the other devices.

Improving smartphone conversions was therefore a key goal for the new site, but Majestic also wanted to increase use of the store finder and generally improve the user experience. 


The site was agony to use on a mobile. Pages loaded really slowly and it was difficult to browse our full product range.

By improving the user experience on mobile Majestic aims to make the brand more accessible to a wider range of users, which should attract new consumers as well as improving loyalty among existing customers.

Everitt said that having achieved its initial goals of boosting mobile traffic, the e-commerce team is now looking to optimise mobile email, paid search and affiliate marketing channels to build on those gains. The tweaks to these other marketing channels, particularly on mobile email, are already making a noticeable difference.

Majestic also plans to use the new mobile site to create a more joined up offline and online customer experience. Everitt said one possibility is the use QR codes at point of sale terminals to allow customers to access product information.

Having that functionality on mobile is definitely more cost effective than installing kiosks in every store.