marijuana leafSo you need to advertise to pot smokers locally. How are you going to (ahem) “weed” out broader audiences from your target demographic? just may be the hyper-local, hyper-targeted, vertical ad network for your media dollars.

California Proposition 215 legalized marijuana use for medical
purposes, turning marijuana into the number-one cash crop
for California. A similar bill just passed in New Jersey, and another initiative that would legalize marijuana in California has received enough signatures
to appear on the state’s November ballot.

medical marijuana advertisingAnd behold – a new ad network is born! USWeb Advertising has launched,
with the largest marketing campaign of its kind.  The site (which the company says is a veteran- and disabled-owned business) claims
it maintains the largest online database of medical marijuana dispensaries,
doctors, legal services and hydroponics. Listings include interactive maps,
consumer reviews and a verification system.

“Businesses in this specialized industry have very limited advertising
options, ones generally found in media that mainstream audiences
perceive as ‘drug counterculture,'” said David Simpson, president of San Diego based USWeb
Advertising. “Nearly every other industry
has the ability to touch their desired market segment via
demographically targeted advertising except this one. An estimated 600,000 legitimate medical marijuana patients need free
access to information, doctors and dispensaries. Doctors and
dispensaries need an effective and professional advertising medium.
We’re bridging that gap.”

The site promises that advertisers’ messages will reach 60,000 trade
publications, 1.5 million websites, and an audience
of 5 million American consumers.

Thought you’d want to know.