Hear from…

Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Coca-Cola, LEGO, Sky Media, Ryanair, BuzzFeed, FT.com, The Government Digital Service, BP, Universal Pictures, Coutts, Net-a-Porter, Ann Summers, Cancer Research UK, KLM, M&S, Selfridges, Barclays, ASDA, B&Q, Moneysupermarket and more…

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fom speakers

The festival village has cafés, juice bars, a library and bookstore, a cinema, a sweet shop, a lounge and a bar

No crap coffee, no milling about.

The cabinet of curiosities

We’re trying to mix it up in here. No need to prebook and sessions are about everything from wearables to entrepreneurship to something titled ‘How we learned to stop worrying and love the anal probe’.

Don’t shoot the messenger, you can check out the section here.

Tulisa is coming

(N.B. No Dappy)


There are 10 stages, 120 sessions

Your whims will be catered for. Whether it’s content, data or brand.

Have your digital fortune told

At Marketing Central in the festival venue we’ll be running two days of talks about digital transformation.

Get one-on-one advice including practical advice and strategic guidance for the digitisation of your org.

panel discussion

You can also attend The Digitals (and Grandmaster Flash is DJing)

Yep, Flash is part of the entertainment for The Digitals, which we’re running during the festival and you can reserve a place for with your festival ticket.

Eliza Doolittle is also part of the entertainment and there’ll be plenty of champagne and food to accompany the brightest lights in digital marketing and ecommerce.

This year, a gallery of the best work will be open to view before you take your seat at the ceremony.

grandmaster flash

The Econsultancy editorial team will be there

I know this is a little conceited, but you’ll get to remonstrate with all us blog writers and report researchers. Or you can buy us a drink, of course.

This man will be there.

david moth