Marketing Effectiveness

Effective marketing means being clear on the skills and activities you need to succeed, combined with simple, accessible and modern ways of working.

Competency Frameworks Econsultancy

Competency Frameworks

Providing Marketing, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce professionals with a clear definition of what good looks like is more important than ever. We work with leading organisations to define the precise functional and personal skills individuals need to develop their competence and confidence in an ever-changing marketing environment.

Competency frameworks form the basis for our talent and personal development conversations and the blueprint we use to design the optimal learning curriculum for your teams.

Ways of Working

As organisations become more matrixed and the tech stack multiplies it becomes more important than ever to have one, simple way of working that everyone can quickly access and apply. We help complex businesses define end to end Marketing models and define the key tools and frameworks that underpin them.

Brought to life through quick start guides and 90 second video hacks, our ways of working are developed for busy professionals, available on-line and on-demand.

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