Average salaries

Though senior marketers have the largest pay rises, marketers in general have upped their incomes, something which reflects the growing influence and importance of marketing within businesses. 

    • Average marketing salaries rose £2,500 to £45,021 between 2012 and 2013. 
    • More than a quarter of marketers saw their salaries frozen last year. 
    • Sadly, there is still a gender gap, with male marketers earning around £15,261 more than their female counterparts.

Marketing Week salary gap

Best and worst paid sectors 

Management consultancy is the place to be, followed by the automotive sector, while sports marketing, though it may sound glamorous, doesn’t pay quite so well, and they’re the most stressed group

Marketers on the board

The Modern Marketing Manifesto outlines our belief that marketers should be sitting on the board and helping to set strategy, so it’s encouraging to see that 45% of companies have a marketer at the top table. 

Marketing skills gaps

Digital marketing is the area where most marketers feel they need to improve, with 31.7% of respondents choosing this option. 

If you consider social media and mobile (even perhaps data) to be digital marketing disciplines, that figure is closer to 60%. 

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