How many data analysts?

More than a quarter of client-side respondents say they have more than five employees dedicated to data analysis. This is double the proportion in the 2013 survey.

The number of teams with zero and one employees has decreased.

numbers of data analysts 

Where are budgets increasing?

Technology is being apportioned more budget by the majority of client-side companies. Although more than 40% of companies plan to invest in staff and consultancy, technology is clearly a focus. 

This focus on technology is stark when compared with 2013’s figure of only 35% planning to increase tech spend at the time. The increase is likely due to the growing range of data-related technologies available to marketers.

budget plans for analytics 

And what of team structure?

The chart below shows the current structure of teams for our client-side sample.

Almost half (45%) of company respondents say they have no analytics team and 14% currently have one integrated team for analytics, both online and off-.

The integrated team is still a goal for many, but clearly some have the first hurdle to pass of assembling any team at all. Qualitative data collected in the survey shows respondents highlighting siloed teams as an issue and integration and education as the next step in the evolution of their company’s analytics.

team structures in data and analytics