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TikTok has disrupted the social media landscape in the past few years, captivating a highly engaged audience through short-form video. According to research, TikTok’s now 1.5 billion-strong audience spends more time on TikTok than any other social media platform, with the average user spending 23.5 hours each month scrolling through TikTok during 2022.

Consequently, TikTok has become an enticing marketing tool, with brands capitalising on TikTok’s video advertising and social commerce formats to reach and engage audiences. Ad formats range from in-feed branded ads to branded effects and live video.

But what are the measurement challenges on the platform, and how can brands maximise ROI? Including insight from Econsultancy’s Social Advertising Best Practice Guide as well as experts from several social media agencies, we consider where the opportunities lie.


  1. Lower costs, higher engagement, and precision-targeting among the benefits
  2. Measurement challenges and lack of strategic understanding
  3. Maximising ROI from TikTok ad campaigns

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