I’m delighted to have been asked to be a panelist at Social
Media Influence

I’ve attended every year since its first carnation 4 years ago as
Blogging4business. Inspiring speakers such as Antony Mayfield, Suw
Charman-Anderson, Hugh McLeod and Struan Robertson thrilled us with their
visions of how business should embrace a brave new social media world.

I had a seminal moment at that very first Blogging4business event.
I decided it was time for a career move from the world of PR to one where
conversations about ‘nodes and networks’ ‘RSS’ and ‘buzz monitoring; were
greeted with interest and comprehension rather than a glazed look and “actually,
I think we’re looking for coverage in the ‘red tops’ and regional press.”

Thankfully, the PR Industry has moved on, client
understanding and expectations have changed, many specialists and agencies are knowledgeable
and powerful voices within social media measurement debates.

Tomorrow I’m on the Social Media Influence Panel – “Social
Media Measurement – Planning Campaigns and Understanding the ROI”
. This is of
particular interest to me for a number of reasons:

We at Econsultancy benchmark and measure our
online PR and social media activity
– I will share some thoughts about how we plan
and measure our social media marketing activity

A large part of my professional career has been
in PR. I’m seeing the metrics and approaches that other digital
marketing specialists use to measure ROI and hard and soft social media objectives and
I like what I see

Econsultancy is a supporter of and contributor
to Measurementcamp, a group of talented and generous people including clients,
agencies, vendors and consultants all working together to try to create a best
practice approach to measuring social media
. I’ve learned a lot from some
amazing people

I’m looking forward to being part of another group discussing
simplifying the social media measurement process, learning from other marketing
disciplines and their metrics. I’m sure that I’ll learn from those of you attending
as well as fellow panelists and speakers.

If you are attending, please do come and say hello. As much
as I love social media you can’t beat a good old real world ‘gas’ over coffee
and a Jammie Dodger.