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A year in web3: a reckoning for NFTs and the metaverse

 ‌ The new paradigm of web3 is looking a lot less certain on the heels of a volatile 2022 and an inauspicious start to 2023. What happened to web3 in 2022, and what might this mean for brands with web3 projects?

A Metaverse Reality Check

This three-part series takes a realistic look at the metaverse beyond the hype and fanfare: what is it really? How should we talk about it? What do consumers actually think of it? And what does all of this mean for brands and marketers who want to prepare for the trend?

AR case studies


14 examples of augmented reality brand experiences

Augmented reality has surged in the headlines of late with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset and Meta teasing a potential rollout of AR glasses as it marks the 10-year anniversary of its VR/AR outfit, Meta Reality Labs. If augmented reality headsets and eyewear become more commonplace, brands and entertainment companies may take the […]

Augmented Reality - A Marketer's Guide

A best practice guide exploring the uses, challenges and opportunities of AR for marketers and investigating what the future of this technology might look like. It also explores whether AR will merely be a fad or a lasting form of digital engagement between marketers and consumers.

More opinion on the metaverse

Four ways that luxury brands are building customer loyalty through digital channels

Luxury retailers do not typically offer loyalty programs, with regular point-based price discounting schemes going against the high-end and aspirational style of branding that the luxury sector is known for. For brands striving to be competitive, however, reputation alone is simply no longer enough to inspire loyalty, and with demand for omnichannel on the rise, […]