Michelle Goodall

About Michelle Goodall

Social Media and Digital Transformation Consultant

Michelle is an independent professional digital consultant with 19 years’ agency/consultancy experience. In her role working with Econsultancy, she not only authors our Social Media Best Practice Guides but runs a number of courses as one of our most popular consultant trainers.

Her key clients past and present include: V&A, Direct Line Group (Direct Line, Churchill, Green Flag), Econsultancy, US Embassy, BBC, UKTI, BFI, Charities Aid Foundation, London2012, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, McCarthy & Stone, RSPCA, Camelot (National Lottery Online), Dominos, Norwich Union, Barclays, eBay, Coca Cola, Diageo, TUI, PPL, ACCA, McCarthy & Stone and Manhattan Loft Corporation.

Michelle’s skills include:

Digital strategy and digital transformation
Digital communications consultancy and implementation
Social Media strategy, consultancy and implementation
Online issues management consultancy
Online Public Relations/Communications
Online Reputation Monitoring
Content Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
Community Management
Social Customer Service
Social Media Crisis planning/simulations
Training – learning and development, workshops, coaching, executive coaching, mentoring, e-learning/online learning development and presentation, social media/crisis and issues simulations

Michelle regularly speaks at events. Her recent appearances have included the Festival of Marketing, Marketing Week Live, DMX and many more.

Reports by Michelle Goodall

Social Media Platforms Overview

Social Media Platforms Overview

 1. Introduction This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide,  and Content Strategy Best Practice Guide. Its purpose is to provide a snapshot of some of the major social media platforms and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media. It provides […]

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

1. Introduction This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide, Social Media Platforms Overview, B2B Social Media Best Practice Guide and Paid Search Best Practice Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the opportunities, risks and the required investment of time, effort and budget […]

B2B Social Media Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction This report is a complementary guide to Econsultancy’s current suite of social media best practice guides, including Social Media Strategy, Social Media Platforms and Paid Social Media Advertising. It outlines the strategic approaches, use cases, considerations and useful guidelines for B2B marketers to consider when devising their social media strategy. 1.1. Executive summary […]

Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide

Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide

Introduction This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Paid Social Media Advertising[1] and Social Media Platforms Overview[2] reports. Its purpose is to provide a framework for developing a social media strategy and provide a summary of the main considerations for marketers when developing a strategic approach to social media marketing and communications. About this […]

Blogs by Michelle Goodall


How to run a Twitterchat: 11 practical tips

Twitterchats are organised, non-linear, fast-paced conversations using Twitter where participants discuss themes and questions about a given topic. 

With its speed, ease of use, accessibility and limited character format, Twitter provides an effective tool for individuals to discuss or unite around a theme or topic and Twitterchats have evolved from webchats and forum discussions. 

So, how do you plan and run a Twitterchat?

Q&A: Adam Parker and Daryl Willcox demystify online press release distribution

Press release distribution is something that we are consistently asked about on our training courses and PR and social media related events. A growing number of commercial news distribution services and free services offer different ways to boost press release and related content visibility to media, through search and social media.

So how can you tell which press release distribution services count? What is a social media news release? What are the opportunities and potential pitfalls for businesses and agencies disseminating their news in this way?

I asked Adam Parker from RealWire and Daryl Willcox from DWP Publishing, MDs of two of the UK’s most successful news distribution services, to provide some clarity and explain how businesses should use news distribution as a successful part of their online communications and marketing strategy.

Are you a “Twitter Quitter”?

It has been impossible to ignore the noise about Twitter in the past 12 months, and despite their misgivings even some of the most hardened cynics have created accounts and started to tweet.

But there can be problems, as some people just don’t have the stamina, the staying power, or the will to become a disciplined Twitter user.

Are you on the verge of giving up on Twitter?

Measuring social media at Social Media Influence

I’m delighted to have been asked to be a panelist at Social
Media Influence

I’ve attended every year since its first carnation 4 years ago as
Blogging4business. Inspiring speakers such as Antony Mayfield, Suw
Charman-Anderson, Hugh McLeod and Struan Robertson thrilled us with their
visions of how business should embrace a brave new social media world.


SEO PR: What is it and why should you care?

Let’s face it, ‘Online PR’ is difficult to define, let alone ‘SEO PR’. But it is increasingly a ‘specialism’ that many digital marketers are adding to their services. So what exactly is SEO PR and why should I care?

Measurementcamp and the risk of social media silos

siloWhen I read the word
‘Silo’ I recall the massive industrial grain storage silos that used to scare
me as a child.

Having grown up on a UK TV diet of Doctor Who, Blake 7 and The
Tripods, anything that looked vaguely like an enemy spaceship became the
subject of irrational fear and bad dreams.

These days I fear silos of a different nature…..