James Saukinsey

Head of Digital Analytics


James is a seasoned digital professional with 15 years of experience in various roles across agencies, media publishers, and client-side organisations. Throughout his career, digital analytics has been a consistent theme, although he has also worked in market and customer research, insight roles, and technical SEO.

In 2017, James joined Specsavers, headquartered in Guernsey, as one of the founding members of their Global Analytics team. Over the years, he has risen to become the Global Head of Digital Analytics and Technical SEO at Specsavers, overseeing digital analytics operations across the 12 countries in which the company operates.

Under his leadership, James has built a highly effective team of nine remotely distributed individuals dedicated to ensuring Specsavers’ digital properties are appropriately tagged to drive business change and maximum value from understanding customer behaviour online. Additionally, he is responsible for ensuring that the company’s websites are built in a way that allows them to be crawled and indexed easily by search engines and loaded quickly.

As James and his team head into 2023, they are focused on several exciting priorities, including GA4 migration, expanding the use of BigQuery, consolidating on and offline datasets, managing consent and ensuring legal compliance, migrating to Serverside GTM, meeting Core Web Vitals compliance standards, and maximising the opportunity for organic search while migrating to a new headless CMS.