Kate Cox



Kate spent many years working in London advertising and media agencies and co-authored the IPA book ‘New Models of Marketing Effectiveness; From Integration to Orchestration’ in 2011 based on the IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank. She then moved client side and spent 7 years as a Chief Marketing Officer in 3 different private equity funded tech companies looking at using marketing to scale the business prior to exit. She joined Host Europe Group in 2015, pre exit to GoDaddy in 2017: a business that grew from €450m to $1.8m and was part of the EMEA integration team at GoDaddy seeking to drive revenue and cost synergies from their acquisition. She then spent 3 years at Moneypenny growing this call answering and live chat business in the UK and US. She is now the CMO at BrightBid.com an AdTech scale up looking at global expansion in the use of AI and automation for Google Search.