Steffan Aquarone

Digital Transformation Trainer and Consultant


Steffan Aquarone is a UK digital entrepreneur, writer and speaker whose experiences range from film to payments.

In his career he has hired hundreds of people, raised millions in venture capital, consulted for some big brands, created some much smaller ones, made a feature-length romantic comedy and experienced the full range of outcomes, good and bad, as a startup entrepreneur.

He has gone on to advise brands like Sony, EY and McDonald’s on the future impact of technology on their businesses, as well as writing extensively on digital marketing and ecommerce.

Steff has significant experience in technology, having launched two startups in the past ten years: mobile payment app Droplet, which he cofounded in 2011, raised over £1.6m of venture capital in an attempt to do to payments what Skype did to phone calls. And his latest payments startup, Paygora, which reduces admin for accounts departments and let suppliers get their invoices paid next-day.

A respected digital leader with fifteen years’ experience in product design, innovation and digital, Steff has
developed and delivered highly effective creative learning programs for organisations including Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, Dyson, Shell, Biogen and General Mills.

The Mirror newspaper listed Steff as one of the most influential new media figures under the age of 30 and he now speaks around the world on innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation.