Econsultancy has launched more than 150 new bite-sized microlearning modules on its Skills Cloud elearning platform, to help time-poor marketers and digital professionals who want to learn ‘in the flow of work’.

The short, self-contained lessons cover a range of topics across ecommerce, customer experience and data and analytics. They aim to cater for learners who want to quickly seek answers to specific questions in the course of their working day, alongside those who are taking part in structured learning to upskill more broadly.

The timing is apposite, with Marketing Week’s Career and Salary survey recently revealing that data and analytics is the most significant skills gap in marketing departments – earmarked for improvement by more than a third of the 3,000-plus respondents – with ecommerce also hitting the top five priorities (identified by nearly 16%).

With Econsultancy’s microlearning, those marketers needing to learn about key data and analytics topics in the flow of work can now quickly access short modules on topics such as ‘Resolving customer identity across multiple channels’ and ‘Predicting customer churn risk’, whereas those with more time may explore the 13 courses and five hours of elearning that make up the full Data and Analytics Deep Dive.

Learning in the flow of work has become a key concept for learning and development teams thanks to the boom in remote working. Employees must have quick access to learning that solves their problems in the moment – often through a learning management system. As marketers get to grips with digital skills gaps and a tough jobs market, creating a culture of learning can be a catalyst for performance.

Further information

Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Deep Dive comprises 19 courses and 7 hours of learning, which can also now be accessed ‘in the flow’ of work through >60 microlearning modules. Structured learning plans include ‘Converting traffic to buyers’, ‘Ecommerce retention’ and ‘Omnichannel planning and acquisition’.

The Customer Experience and Data and Analytics Deep Dives are also available in structured and ‘in the flow’ formats including topics such as customer journey mapping, ‘Understanding experience with data’, data acquisition and management, and data activation.

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