The winner of the Microsoft Bing Jingle Challenge (or whatever it was called) yesterday had his song savaged by Techcrunch writer MG Siegler.

“’Catchy’ is one word for it,” wrote MG. “Another is awful.” I’m afraid I agree with Siegler here, apart from the catchy bit, but make of it what you will:

It turns out that the winning songwriter – one Jonathan Mann, who writes one song a day and uploads them to YouTube – isn’t one to take this kind of criticism lying down. He has replied to Siegler via the power of song!

Called ‘I’m MG Siegler’, it is about 15,000 times catchier than the Bing song. It reminds me of early They Might Be Giants, with a dollop of The Postal Service and a sprinkling of Stephen Merritt mixed in. What’s not to like? I hope Siegler sees the funny side…

Mann explains: 

So, those that know me, know that I don’t often address internet critics. Everyone’s got an opinion, no use getting up in arms about it. But MG Siegler’s post on TechCrunch was so nasty, and so high profile, that it seemed like I had to strike back. And so I have. I present to you, “I’m MG Siegler”, in which I throw his words back at him, and more. One note: The part about him blowing his boss…that’s completely made up. I really just wanted to use the rhyme “careington/arrington”. Enjoy!”

Here it is:

You can check out Mann’s collection of 200+ songs at Rock Cookie Bottom, where he also offers a paid songwriting service ($70 for students, $100 for individuals and $500+ for businesses).

Maybe Siegler will now pay Mann $100 to write a snarky song about himself?