Mini has built an interactive installation at Brussels Motor Show to promote its new Countryman vehicle.

Created by and TBWA (it’s actually reminiscent of the latter agency’s work with Skittles), every ‘Like’ of the Mini Benelux Facebook page takes customers closer to winning a car.

Outside the show, which runs from January 12-22th, a Mini Countryman has placed on a 15% slope, held in place via a thick rope.

A bunsen burner has been placed under the rope, which is connected to a live streaming app. Every ‘Like’ generated creates a burst of flame that chars the rope in real time.

If your ‘Like’ is the one that releases the car – you get to keep it.

In order to carry out your ‘burn’, you’re directed to a seperate website called Fan the Flame, which displays a league table, live video stream and ‘challenge zone’.

Contestants receive points for participating and for sharing a link to the contest with friends. They can then use these points to challenge people ahead of them and move up the queue.

Upon answering a challenge question correctly, the challenger gets to switch positions and have a go at burning the rope first. If they lose, points are deducted and they remain in their original position.
The Fan the Flame contest launched on January 10 and after just 9 days there have already been nearly 22,000 attempts.

The connection between Facebook and the Fan the Flame site isn’t exactly perfect. Ideally there would be fewer steps to get to the stage at which you can burn the rope, and there’s not a lot of signage from official Mini Facebook presences to the Benelux page.

However, this is a localised campaign after all. It’s a nice creative idea that connects offline with online, incentivises people to share and is based around a fairly simple competition mechanic.