Mixx, a social news startup, launched in public beta yesterday. It is a rival to the likes of Digg and Reddit, and more ways to customise the news to fit your own  preferences.

Like Digg, users of Mixx can submit stories and vote for and against the articles and videos on the site, with the top stories displayed on the site according to the number of votes received.

Unlike Digg though, users of Mixx can personalise the site, by picking from a number of categories to choose the kind of news they want,  create private groups, within which anyone can tag and discuss content, and receive news according to their local postcode.

Mixx launched in public beta yesterday, and also announced content partnerships with a number of news outlets, including USA Today, Reuters, and the LA Times.  

Mixx is a well designed, easy to use site, but enters a crowded market, competing against more estbalished sites like Digg, Reddit and Propeller, so its success will depend on attracting enough users to submit content and get involved with the site.

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