Smartphones and tablets have accounted for more than a quarter (28%) of the clicks on retail paid search ads so far this Christmas, according to data from Kenshoo.

The Kenshoo 2012 UK Online Retail Christmas Shopping Report – Early Edition, indicates that the share of clicks from personal computers is down to 72%, with tablets comprising 15% of all clicks and mobile phones accounting for 13%.

The data also shows that tablets drive the highest average order value at £85.55, followed by smartphone (£77.80) and desktop (£75.93). 

However smartphone conversions lag way behind the other devices at just 1%, compared to 4.99% on tablet and 5.16% on desktop.

Looking at CPCs, desktop is still the most expensive at 32p, closely followed by tablets at 27p while smartphone CPCs are just 16p.

The importance of tablets to ecommerce in terms of order values and conversion rates has been a prominent theme during 2012.

For example, data from Adobe shows that tablet visitors to ecommerce sites spend 21% more than desktop shoppers and twice as much as those using smartphones.

Similarly, the average conversion rate via tablet was 2.3%, compared with 2.5% for desktop, while mobile lags behind on 0.6%.

Furthermore, stats from Affiliate Window show that the iPad delivers an average order value of £69.94 compared to £65 on desktop.

Overall, Kenshoo’s report shows that impression volumes have increased by 17% in 2012 compared to 2011, which means that consumers are still increasing their search engine usage during the Christmas season.

However consumers are clicking on 5% fewer ads, which the report suggests means that they are being more selective about with which brands they interact.

But despite this lower click volume, conversion rates are actually 5% higher than last year.

Kenshoo’s report also shows that average CPCs inflated by 26% in 2012, leading to higher ad budgets as retailers have invested 20% more so far in the 2012 Christmas season compared to 2011.

Kenshoo’s data comes from a representative cross-section of its clients (advertisers and agencies) managing paid search programs for the retail vertical in the UK over the period from 1 November 2011 through to 10 December 2012. 

The Christmas season, as defined for this report, includes the 40-day period leading up to and including 10 December 2012 (Green Monday).