The Flickr iPhone app was released this week, with many of the features that are available on the main site,  browsing photos as well as uploading and tagging photos taken on the phone.

We use Flickr for hosting the photos used on this blog, and to upload iPhone screenshots I’ve had the option of uploading via email, or plugging the phone into the laptop and uploading this way, which can take some time.

I’m hoping that the app can make this process a little easier…

Up until now, the lack of a Flickr app meant that plenty of third party versions have cropped up over the past couple of years and, as this article points out, their developers may be a bit cheesed off at the news.

Searching and browsing through pics is pretty smooth, and it’s easy enough to comment on other people’s photos. You can select photos and swipe left an right to view all pictures, though you can’t zoom into any pictures.

You can also review your own collection of photos and add tags, or email the photo: 

For uploading pictures straight from the phone, there is an upload icon at the top right of the app, and you can either take a photo there and then, or choose one from your library.

Once you have selected the photo, you have the option of adding tags, assigning it to a particular folder, set privacy level etc:

Flickr app upload photos

It is a slow process though, especially since you can only upload one photo at a time. This means that, if you want to upload several photos, it’s going to take some effort. It would be much easier if you could select all the photos you want to upload and put them in a queue.

Still, it does cut out the need to upload via a laptop first, so it is a useful tool. The option of posting photos direct to sites like Twitter would also be a handy feature.

That asided, it’s an attractive looking app which manages to recreate the desktop version of Flickr well for the small screen, and the user experience is excellent throughout.