Google iPhoneApple’s iPhone is responsible for the vast majority of mobile internet browsing, but Google’s Android, and Blackberry are beginning to pick up their share of the market.

Mobile web browsing as a percentage of total web browsing is also growing, and currently stands at 0.72%. Sales of smartphones accounted for a quarter of US mobile sales in Q4, while O2 recently announced that it had sold 1m iPhones in the UK, so this trend looks set to continue.

According to these figures for last month from Net Applications highlight Apple’s domination of the market, with a 66% share of mobile browsing. Android is has reached 6.26% since launching in September, while Blackberry is on 2.24%:

Mobile browsing market share February 2009

In mobile search, Google is even more dominant then it is on the rest of the web, with a 97% share of the global mobile search market. Yahoo is on 2% and the rest are nowhere. Again, this is largely due to iPhone usage, as Google has a useful iPhone search app, and is the default search engine on the phone’s Safari browser. 

mobile search market share

It was predicted last year that Google would make $21.31 billion in mobile advertising revenues in 2009, and it certainly has a good platform with such a dominate share of the mobile search market.

However, as Chris Lake pointed out on this blog last year, such predictions are extremely optimistic, as translating AdWords to mobile isn’t going to be that simple. Until purchases via mobile are made easier and more secure, and customers are keen to use their mobiles this way, then AdWords will be nowhere near as effective on mobile.