I’ve seen loads of mobile related stats and reports recently, so here’s a round up, as well as some taken from our recently updated Internet Statistics Compendium

Mobiles and offline shopping (RichRelevance / Bazaarvoice)

  • 42% of UK shoppers have used their mobile phones while shopping offline, while 16% used it to compare prices with other stores. 
  • 59% have not decided on the brand before beginning to shop, while 44% switch channels and research online before heading for the high street. 

Mobile websites (1&1 Internet)

  • 55% of small businesses have not checked the appearance of their own website on a mobile phone, despite the fact that 64% of small business owners regularly use the mobile web. 
  • 41% of SMEs said their website didn’t look as good on a mobile, while 36% said the functionality had been affected. 
  • Just 7% have already optimised their sites for mobile, but 65% had no plans for a mobile version. 

Mobile commerce in Europe (IDC/Akamai)

  • 10% of European web shoppers are using their mobiles for products searches, price comparison or purchasing, while 20% plan to do so in future, according to a study of 1,500 people in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • The study also found that shoppers who used mobile in some part of the research and purchase process spent 15% to 30% more than those who used just one channel. 

Mobile commerce: browser or apps? (US)

  • 54% of 3,905 respondents to a Lightspeed Research survey preferred using mobile browsers to shop online rather than apps (41%).
  • For mobile purchases, 48% preferred to use a credit card to complete the transaction. 

Browsers or apps? (UK)

  • UK users prefer to access the mobile internet using a browser rather than an ‘app’ (70% versus 55%)according to a study by Orange. 
  • Men are more likely to use apps to access online information than women (46% versus 35%).

UK Mobile commerce market size (Verdict & Ovum)

  • Mobile internet sales could double in the next 3 years. By 2013 mobile internet sales could reach as much as £275m, 4% of online retail spending, up from £123m currently.
  • Just 2.1% of UK‘s adult population currently shop via a smartphone, and the potential growth is enormous.