Mobile conversion rates are still lagging behind tablets and desktops, according to new statistics from Monetate.

The study, which monitored traffic and purchases from Thanksgiving to ‘Cyber Monday’, found that mobile achieved a conversion rate of 2.3% compared to 5.4% and 5% for desktops and tablets respectively. 

Monetate, an e-commerce technology company, also tracked bounce rates and ‘add to cart rates’ across the three platforms.

The data is based on total website visits of 12.5m in 2010 and 15.5m in 2011, and comes from randomly-selected Monetate clients. 

The infographic below supports statistics released by Affiliate Window (AW) which show that iPad achieves a higher conversion rate than mobile (3.8% vs 1.9%).

The studies used very different methodologies (AW tracked affiliate sites for a month) so the statistics are not directly comparable, however they show a trend for tablets to achieve high conversion rates.

Data from Econsultancy’s Multichannel Customer Experience Report shows this is because users enjoy a good user experience on tablets.

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