I’ve come across a few stats on mobile internet and mobile app usage this week, so I’ve decided to gather them together in one handy post. 

I’ve also added a selection of mobile stats from our most recent Internet Statistics Compendium

Smartphone usage (from AdMob)

  • Worldwide iPhone OS marketshare has increased from 33 to 40% in the last 6 months, with substantial share in all regions except for Asia and Africa.

  • The iPhone made up 50% of US smartphone usage in AdMob’s network in August 2009, followed by RIM and Android devices at 14% and 13% respectively.

Mobile app usage (via Flurry)

  • The most frequently used apps over the longest periods of time are news and reference apps, as shown in this
    chart. On average news apps get used more than once per
    day, at a rate of 11 times per week.

Flurry mobile app stats

  • News apps also retain more users over a three month period, with a retention rate of 43%, compared to the overall average of 25%. By contrast, entertainments apps retain just 12% of users 90 days after downloading.

Apple’s App Store (from Apple)

  • The App Store recently passed the landmark of 2bn app downloads in just over a year. The number of apps available tops 85,000.

Mobile commerce

  • Auction site eBay recently announced that it had generated sales worth $380m through its mobile commerce websites and apps.

UK mobile internet usage (Deloitte)

  • Although over 70% of the UK’s installed mobile phone base is capable of browsing the internet, most users feel the service is either too expensive, too slow, not practical or, they don‟t know how to use it.
  • Web traffic from mobiles is already estimated to be growing eight times faster than web traffic from UK PCs. 

US usage (Netpop)

  • Only 18m Americans, which is 13% of the broadband population aged 13 and above, access the internet on their mobiles.
  • By comparison, 42% (102m people) of the Chinese broadband population aged 13 and above access mobile internet.
  • Mobile web access increased 36% among US broadband internet users during 2008.

Mobile advertising / iPhones (GfK / Limbo via RWW)

  • 33% of mobile consumers recall seeing mobile advertisements, compared with 41% of iPhone users.
  • iPhone users are four times as likely to recall location based service advertising than non-iPhone users, while men and women are equally likely to recall mobile advertising.