I’ve come across a few stats on mobile usage this week, including a comparative study of mobile use in Japan, the US and Europe from comScore, so here are some of these stats, as well as a few picks from our most recent Internet Statistics Compendium

Mobile use in Japan, Europe and USA (comScore

  • While 75.2% of Japanese mobile users accessed ‘connected content’(meaning they browsed the internet, accessed applications or downloaded content) from their mobiles, the same figure for the US was 43.7% and 38.5% for Europe. 
  • Japanese mobile users were more likely to use their phone’s browsers and apps, with 59.3% of Japanese mobile users accessing browsers in June and 42.3% using apps.By comparison, 34% of US and 25.8% of European mobile users accessed the mobile internet, while 31.1% in the US and 24.9 in Europe used apps. 
  • Europeans were the biggest users of SMS, with 81.7% sending a text in June, compared to 66.8% of US and 40.1% of Japanese mobile users. 
  • 21.3% of US mobile users accessed a social network or blog from their mobiles, compared to 17% of Japanese and 14.3% of Europeans. 
  • 7% of Japanese mobile users accessed an online retail site from their mobiles, as did 5.5% of US and 4.1% of European mobile users. 
  • Most popular social networks for mobile users in Japan, Europe and US: 
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Mobile use in the UK (AOP)

  • An AOP study from July this year suggests that, compared with the European stats from comScore, more UK mobile users are accessing the internet
  • In May 2010 90.4% of British mobile subscribers used their phones to send a text message.The second most used activity in the UK is accessing news (35.5%), followed by using a browser (35.2%). Social networking was used by 22.6% of mobile subscribers. 

Mobile ad spend in the US (Mobile Marketing Association)

  • Average mobile marketing budgets will increase by 26% in 2009, even as overall marketing expenditures decline by 7%. 
  • The MMA predicts mobile ad spending will grow from $1.7bn in 2009 to $2.16bn in 2010. 

Mobile ad spend in the UK (FirstPartner)

  • The UK is the largest market for mobile advertising in Europe, and is predicted to grow 33% and reach £49.8m in 2010. UK growth is predicted to accelerate in 2011 delivering, revenues of £285m per annum by 2014.
  • According to the IAB, the UK mobile ad market was worth £37.6m in 2009, a growth of 32% over 2008.

Mobile commerce in the UK (Verdict / Ovum) 

  • Mobile internet retail sales could double in the next three years. By 2013 mobile internet sales could reach as much as £275m, 4% of online retail spending, up from £123m currently.  
  • Only 2.1% of UK‘s adult population currently shop via a smartphone, and the potential growth is enormous. 
  • 11.5% of UK shoppers are using their mobiles to research before shopping and 38% to research while they‘re actually out shopping. An expected 119% rise in the number of people using mobile commerce will help sales to grow. 

The iPad (Bernstein Research via CNET

  • After selling a million units in the first 28 days after launch, Apple sold an estimated 4.5m iPads in the first three months. 
  • Bernstein Research analyst Colin McGranahan said that the tablet is beating previous records of consumer electronics adoption, and according to estimates, Apple has now shifted more than 8m iPads. 
  • McGranahan says the iPad will reach $12bn in global sales for 2010, according to McGranahan’s note, and predicts almost £20bn next year.