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1. Contextual marketing

Carl Uminski, Co-Founder & COO at SOMO Agency:

I foresee a greater emphasis on context for marketing through third party or OS level apps.

Apple’s emphasis on providing access to third parties through its owned services such as Maps, Siri and iMessage in iOS10 creates a new opportunity to market to people during the process of performing an activity – and these ‘contextuals’ are likely to be more easy to convert than via reach alone.

2. Location-based services

Martin Harrison, head of strategy at Huge:

Location-based services. Simple things like being able to see, split and pay the bill via mobile.

Obviously, there will be a huge amount of badly targeted 10% off offers, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, isn’t it?

3. Smart speakers

Carl Uminski, SOMO Agency:

The launch of Google Home and the continuing success of Alexa provide new platforms for users to engage with brands via voice.

Voice interfaces will continue to grow and grow in 2017, particularly with the launch of Pixel, Google Home and Alexa’s continuing improvement.

Brands that aren’t in some way embracing the different interactions afforded by voice when compared to touch will lose out as it becomes more ingrained in consumer behaviour and starts to dominate specific types of interaction, such as commands, searches and questions.

4. Integrating UX

Steffan Aquarone, author of Econsultancy’s Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide

I think a lot more mobile teams will be better organised to be able to work with user experience in mind.

Constantly testing, getting feedback, building better products and then getting stuff out there – rather than trying to just plan and launch like in the late 2000s.

I also see many of the principles of good product design becoming increasingly relevant to the way modern organisations organise themselves.

5. Push notifications

Martin Harrison, Huge

I think push notifications could be the new pop-ups, with the caveat that some are useful, therefore the ones that are not useful will be even more infuriating.