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A man scans a bottle of orange juice with his smartphone in Sainsbury's Holborn Circus store.

How mobile payment is changing offline UX

 ‌ In May 2019, the first ever cashierless store opened in the UK: a Sainsbury’s Local supermarket that is experimenting with using the brand’s Scan, Pay & Go smartphone technology instead of tills and cashiers.

This is one of the many innovations that have led some experts to speculate that the UK – along with other regions of the world like Eastern Europe and South-East Asia – is rapidly heading towards a cashless economy.

Best Practice: Mobile Commerce

In this chapter from Econsultancy’s Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide, we provide a brief overview of the mobile commerce landscape, discuss the role of mobile payments, and highlight five mobile payment models.


The reasons a retailer is behind the most successful mobile payments solution

In this 2018 article, Patricio Robles discusses how despite the efforts of three of tech’s biggest names to drive adoption of their mobile payments solutions, it’s a retailer that has the most widely used mobile payments solution as measured by users.

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