Mobile is not a subject that attracts widespread agreement, as shown by our recent

list of analyst forecasts


And it was no different at our recent Mobile Internet Roundtable, where a lot was discussed but I don’t think was necessarily settled.

Where brands should draw the line when marketing to mobile users was one case in point, as was the thorny issue of mobile web vs one web.

One thing that came out of the discussion for me, however, was the clear business case for investment in mobile as a tool for customer retention.

Whatever the debate about mobile as a branding channel, or one to acquire customers, there is clearly a lot of low hanging fruit out there that is not necessarily being feasted upon.

One example discussed was the number of email recipients that will now be receiving messages on their mobile devices – and the implications for renderabilility and content development.

It was also mentioned that while some retailers are starting to target mobile vouchers at store-card holders that haven’t shopped for a while, some are yet to use SMS to prompt those customers to renew their store cards.

For mobile service providers, targeted SMS is apparently one of the most successful ways to drive renewals from customers that are nearing the end of their contracts.

Other than that, the roundtable touched on a variety of other topics, including mobile list cleaning and the role mobile will play in the purchasing process – as these quotes show:

“Devise a strategy to use mobile as a way to drive consumers to a computer screen as that is where they will interact with you and you will have time to get your messages across.”

“People are time-poor and don’t have time to consider purchases. People will start using their mobiles to buy things. Give them the opportunity to and that will grow over time.”

The debate continues.

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