The Telegraph has just released a revamped version of its mobile site, providing access to the full range of content on the main website. 

As with the Independent’s mobile version released last week, theTelegraph mobile site was designed by Bluestar Mobile. I’ve been comparing the two sites…

The new Telegraph site resembles the main website closely, as well as being broadly similar to The Independent in its layout with a banner ad at the top, though this site has a top navigation bar and a weather section at the foot of the page.

Telegraph mobile homepage

It also offers a richer experience on mobile than the Independent, with a wider range of content on offer, as well as a selection of videos:

Navigation is easier too, with breadcrumb trails (as above) that allow the user to skip back to section headings, as well as the top nav bar that makes it easier to skip to the section you want, especially since it remains consistent across each page.

Some further / related reading options at the foot of articles would have been useful, but The Telegraph only provides the choice of previous and next articles:

The site search could be better, as it is far too simplistic. With the full range of Telegraph content available, some sorting and filtering options would be useful. All it does at the moment it just lists articles with the most recent first:

As with the Independent. the Telegraph diverts users searching on mobile browsers to the simpler version of the website, while still providing the option to switch to the main website if desired.

The overall look and usability of the mobile site is good though, and by providing more content and better navigation, The Telegraph’s mobile site provides a better user experience than The Independent’s.