Mobile visits to e-commerce sites continue to grow, with mobile now accounting for 20.8% of visits to Screen Pages’ clients’ websites. 

The e-commerce agency studied traffic to 13 websites, with more than 500,000 visits for the month of June. 

The stats also show the value of tablet / iPad customers to premium and luxury online retailers.

The websites studied

The 13 websites in the study are niche retailers and luxury brands, artisan chocolates, designer clothing etc. The websites have a combined average order value of £100. 

Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that these figures won’t necessarily be representative of e-commerce as a whole. However, it does indicate, again, the importance of the tablet shopper for luxury brands. 

The stats

  • 20.8% of visits are mobile from mobile devices (although for one third of the sample, this figure approached 25%). Shops with a more conservative demographic are at the lower end of therange.
  • 84.5% of all mobile visits are from Apple devices.
  • iPad usage has increased to 54.9% from 46.4%, whilst the share of shoppers using iPhones has decreased from 35.5% to 29.6%
  • iPad shoppers buy more: average conversion rates on iPads are 22.5% higher, visitors converting at 3% against 2.8% for the websites overall.
  • iPhones are a problem: they convert at nearly one third of the website average at 1%.

The importance of tablet shoppers

There are now plenty of stats showing the importance of tablet (mainly iPad) users for e-commerce sites. In general, they account for a sizeable portion of mobile visits, convert at a high rate, and spend higher than the average.  

While there can be limitations in the user experience on iPads – checkout forms can be tricky, some aspects on product pages like images and video don’t always work – they generally come close to the desktop experience. 

However, if they are used by a valuable section of your customer base, then testing the UX and optimising for tablet users may be a tactic that pays off.

As for the iPhone stats, as none of the websites are optimised for mobile, it’s no surprise that conversion rates are so low.