Mobile users mainly rely on their laptops and PCs to view emails, according to new research.

ExactTarget’s mobile email marketing study (pdf) found 88% regularly review messages on computers after first checking them via their handsets.

The study, which covered 4,000 mobile users, also found:

  • Sixty one percent of those surveyed said that their mobile email use differred significantly from that on a PC or laptop.
  • Fifty eight percent said they spent less time looking at emails on their mobile than they would via a PC or laptop.
  • Smartphone owners used mobile email primarily to stay in touch and read urgent messages. They read commercial emails less frequently due to limited functionality.  
  • Mobile users rarely clicked on links in emails - only 54% had ever done so from a mobile device.
  • Only 20% had made an online purchase via their mobile device.

As there are no common standards for rendering emails on mobile phones, the report recommends that marketers optimise emails for text versions and test them on a range of mobile devices.

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