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Digital Shift: Q3 2019

Econsultancy’s quarterly webinar curates and interprets the most important updates, trends and innovations in digital, impacting the next quarter.

Agenda points for Q3:

  • The real implications of 5G
  • The ever-changing martech landscape
  • Rapidly-changing retail
  • Horizontal innovation


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Latest Research, Best Practice and Trends

Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide

Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Foreword Before the launch of the iPhone in 2007, and for some years after that, ‘mobile’ was perceived as a standalone channel, deserving a dedicated strategy, budget and team. Now that ‘mobile’ has become infused into every aspect of digital marketing, no longer considered as a distinct channel, do marketers still need a standalone […]


37% of creatives expect 'ensuring high-quality experiences on any device or channel' to jump up the priority list in 2019

Econsultancy’s 2019 Digital Trends report, in association with Adobe, looks at the most significant digital-related trends that are driving marketing and customer experience strategies in the short to medium term.

Case Studies


UX fundamentals

Content in the customer, UX optimisation and conversion


Looking for mobile statistics and market data?

Now online, the Econsultancy Internet Statistics Database presents all the latest mobile statistics and charts, from smartphone usage by demographic and advertising spend rates to wearables, in one handy tool, for you to browse, save and download.

Native Apps

Why is Facebook focusing on ‘time well spent’?

There’s mounting evidence to suggest that heavy technology use can be damaging to mental health. 

A study by Duke University found that this correlates with attention and behavioural problems in young people. Meanwhile, a 2017 survey by the Royal Society for Public Health found that young Brits believe social media channels like Facebook and Instagram have significant detrimental effects on their wellbeing.

mobile marketing best practice

Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide

This Econsultancy guide examines the current mobile environment and provides an overview of the various channels available to mobile marketers.

The report outlines the strategic approaches, use cases, considerations and useful guidelines for marketers to consider when devising their mobile strategy and offers best practice recommendations on creating better mobile experiences.

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