Senior executives perceive mindset to be more important to success than skillset or even experience – and yet few companies actively work to understand and optimise it.

‘Mindset’ is a term used to refer to the interpersonal, human-centric skills (often called ‘soft’ skills) that are, increasingly, an essential part of the modern marketer’s toolkit. 94% of the marketers surveyed for Econsultancy’s Skills of the Modern Marketer report agreed that ‘soft’ skills like the ability to embrace change, critical thinking and collaboration are as important as technical skills for a career in marketing.

These are also the skills that will enable marketers to stand out and stay competitive as marketing tasks and roles are, increasingly, automated and augmented by technology.

Econsultancy’s latest best practice research into marketing mindset draws on a series of in-depth interviews with marketing leaders, a review of academic and professional literature and a quantitative study of more than 500 global marketers to cover key insights into the role of mindset for individual, team and organisational growth and excellence – and highlight the necessary mindset for a successful career in marketing.

It lays out a framework for the modern marketing mindset called the 10C framework – 10 characteristics that are displayed by modern marketers. They are:

  • Customer-centred
  • Commercially focused
  • Capable of reframing situations based on their training
  • Committed to seeking mastery
  • Confident in their ability and their colleagues
  • Curious about the world around them
  • Creative in their approach to solving for their customer
  • They Challenge and don’t mind being Challenged
  • Collaborative
  • Connected to themselves and to the purpose/values of their organisation.

To learn more about the 10C framework and how it will help you to establish a powerful marketing mindset, watch our virtual briefing on demand, hosted by Econsultancy’s Managing Director Richard Robinson and SVP Research and Learning Content Stefan Tornquist, along with a panel of expert guests.

Join Debbie Botwick, Global Marketing Excellence Director at Pfizer; John Rudaizky, Partner, Global Brand & Marketing Leader at EY; and Alison Orsi, Vice President and CMO at IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa to hear their insights into the importance of cultivating a modern marketing mindset and the crucial part it plays during a crisis – as well as beyond.

The Fundamentals of Modern Marketing Mindset