Comparison site has launched a car insurance comparison app for the iPhone as part of a three-stage mobile strategy that covers communications, internet and commerce.

Working with mobile experts Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), the company has been rolling out updates for the past few months.

In September, optimised its existing email communications for mobile, which now includes device recognition to ensure that all mailers render correctly. Adopting a simple three-step customer process, opted-in customer receive an email or SMS, are presented with their results page (detailing their quote) and are prompted to ‘click to call’ the provider.  

Then at the end of October, the site launched an optimised mobile page that integrates a new feature called the ‘Concierge Service’.  This appears inbetween the initial communication (such as an email or SMS) and a results page, asking a customer if their details have changed. It then prompts them to update these via a process called ‘Simple Edit’, which allows two changes to be made.

The last stage went live on Friday and introduces a feature called ‘Complex Edit’, as well as the car insurance app.  The ‘Complex Edit’ feature allows people to make multiple amends and automatically detects the customers’ device, rendering and presenting the right mobile site for consumers adopting the mobile internet route.


Julie Fisher, head of home insurance and services at said that this project was all part of providing a fully integrated customer experience.

This gives customers the opportunity to create, retrieve and alter motor insurance quotes, plus either phone or link through to insurance providers to complete their payment journey.”

MIG says that with the technology partnership now in place, the car insurance app could be expanded to include other parts of’s business, providing quotes on other areas covered by the brand.