founder Jeff Taylor is set to unveil his latest web venture later today; a portal for the over 50s.

The site,, will attempt to mimic the social networking success of youth-oriented sites such as Myspace, as well as including a search engine called ‘cranky’. 

Taylor hopes to have found an under-served market of millions of users, and one that will grow as the post-war baby boom generation gets older and more silver surfers get onto the web.

“The site is about the celebration of turning 50 and the reachable goal of being 100,” Taylor said. “Our focus is to inspire a generation of baby-boomers and senior citizens to live their biggest life possible.”

Taylor wants the site to initially focus on the US, before taking it international.

Various sites already exist that target older internet users, including, and However, Taylor claims that none have managed to attract a critical mass of users. “I look at this as an opportunity to build a brand, where maybe one doesn’t exist,” he said.

According to The Boston Globe, there are 86 million people in the States over 50 years of age, and 44 million of them are online.