I wrote this post on examples of marketing creative recently. Since it was popular, here’s some more brilliant marketing creative to enjoy with your coffee. Mmmm…drink it in.

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Google is so good at creative I try to get something in all of these posts. Here are some ads from 2011 advertising Google Places, in situ.

Man is obsessed with scale. We love miniatures and enlargements (some say this Lilliputian fixation is the basis of all art). This supersize ad, superimposed on the real world is instantly recognisable and raises a smile seemingly without trying.


Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it.

Marmite actually got quite a few complaints for their television ads, which some claim trivialise animal neglect. 

Whatever you think of this ad, there are some other parts of the campaign that are inspired. None more so than these ads that are currently on display on the London Underground.

It’s bold, there’s no confused messaging, it uses the most iconic parts of the brand – the ‘love it, hate it’ and the old school packaging. Lovely.

Check out the Facebook page for more details.

Rockstar Games

I’ve been trying to feature GTA where possible. They have such a strong brand identity. Of course, this is easy when you have a sandbox game with a narrative arc to sell, instead of, say, yeast extract. 

And yet, GTA really nail it on their website in particular.

Their strap line is:

Where fake people, fake places and fake problems collide…

This is exploited with a range of info and videos around fake products, personalities etc. Here’s a highlight; profiles and campaign videos of the political campaigners in the game’s world.

Check out the link..


Manchester City

As good an example of any brand using Google Plus. I’d previously looked at Manchester United’s presence on social media, and although the champions are doing a good job, they’ve only just joined some networks, and aren’t engaging as much as their rivals. 

Check out the range of City’s posts on Google Plus. Competitions, video, polls, trivia, it’s great.


More billboards. Lowe’s shows that whit isn’t the best route for all brands. This looks simple, but actually it’s quite bold to select one friendly looking delivery guy and deliver one bold message about delivery.


Festival of Marketing

Well, if it isn’t Econsultancy’s own Festival of Marketing event, 8-10 October this year. One of the many events is Punch, where marketing meets the new creative. 

Of the marketing we’ve done so far, our recent email update stood out for its subject line. Check out the Festival of Marketing website for more details.