The average age of UK internet users is on the rise, thanks to the growing online presence of the over-55s, or ‘silver surfers’.

This is the finding from Nielsen Online’s latest study (pdf). While the under-25’s share of the UK internet population has fallen from 29% to 25%, silver surfers’ share has increased from 16% to 19%.

The study also looked at the most popular web destinations for both young and old web users:

  • Gaming website Miniclip has the youngest average audience age at 28.1, while Marks & Spencer has the oldest, at 46.5.
  • The destinations with the oldest average visitor age were mainly familiar high street brands, including John Lewis, TUI, Nationwide and M&S.
  • The under-25s’ favoured web destinations were predominantly entertainment and social sites, including Bebo, RockYou, and Disney Online.

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