iphoneThe mobile web is poised to be big. Really big. In fact, Morgan Stanley is estimating it’s going to be at least twice the size of the “desktop internet.”  Within five years, the report predicts more users will connect to the web via mobile devices than PCs.

Morgan Stanley’s report on the topic is truely massive: a 424 page report covering eight major themes; and an accompanying 659 slide PowerPoint deck. Both are available for download on the company’s website.

The report cites five trends that will make mobile “bigger than you think”: 3G + social networking + video + VoIP + impressive mobile devices. Apple is cited for its market-leading iPhone and breakthroughs in user experience, Japan for its content and monetization models, and Facebook for bringing social networking to mobile. But the report stresses that these are early days with plenty of room for shifts and surprises in the various areas of mobile dominance.

We wouldn’t presume to summarize over 1,000 pages of mobile data in a blog post. Dig in at Morgan Stanley. Alternately, ReadWriteWeb has posted both documents on Scribd.