Facebook’s Timeline redesign might be rolling out to the masses today, finally, but there’s no plans to let brands join in the fun just yet.

In the meantime, Mountain Dew and VW are taking matters into their own hands. 

Mountain Dew has created a Facebook app that allows users to download a range of images that are optimised for Timeline’s specific format.

Simply go through the standard process of giving Mountain Dew access to your profile, and you can pick from a range of designs. Download them, an update will appear on your wall, and you’ll see the image in your photos within an album called Dew Covers.

It looks like Mountain Dew will be releasing more designs soon, and the app also provides the option to Like each picture, listing the most popular.

Jenny Danzi, assistant brand manager for Mountain Dew told Mashable that this artwork was created because the company is “always looking for ways to create new experiences for our fan base.” 

VW have gone for the more straightforward option of simply creating an image, which is purely an extension of the advertising campaign for the 2012 Beetle. Coincidentally though, this already featured the tagline ‘Profile Update’.

We have no idea how long it will take to roll out brand-based Timeline pages, but it’s likely that more brands will follow suit and provide badges for people to put on profiles. It’s such an easy thing to do.

Since the cover shots are so prominent in Facebook’s Timeline redesign, there’s scope to do something visually exciting – especially for those with rich content at their core.