US online shopping gateway Mpire has launched a number of widgets designed to generate revenue for Amazon and eBay affiliates.

The widgets, when displayed on a user’s web page, chart trends across a range of retail product categories, each allowing site visitors to make a purchase that is linked to a publisher’s affiliate account.

Founded in 2005, Mpire charts pricing and popularity trends across a number of online stores – including eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Yahoo, and Craigslist – in just one place.

For example, visitors can check the evolution of the typical price of a pair of Crocs shoes as new and at auction, before going ahead and buying from a web retailer.

The widgets put that data inside sharable web components designed to be displayed on blogs and social networking profiles.

This allows participants to display the price evolution for a particular product or the hottest movers and shakers across eBay and the full range of online stores.

Publishers can use their Amazon or eBay affiliate identities along with the widgets and keep 100% of any revenue they earn, Mpire said.

Those who have taken up the service so far include, a fashion advice site that displays latest prices for clothing.