MTV has moved into the social TV market with a new mobile app called MTV Under The Thumb.

The app allows users to watch MTV on-demand content simultaneously with friends and chat about it in the app at the same time.

Users can also share their favourite shows through Facebook and watch the content through their desktop computer by connecting their mobile to a web browser with the mobile then acting as a remote control.

The app, which was developed by Viacom and AKQA, is initially being launched free on iOS and Android in Europe with additional subscription models for premium content.

Celebrity news, MTV highlights and limited episodes are available on the ad-funded ‘Tiny Thumbs’ section, while ‘Super Thumb’ unlocks extra shows and series for €2.99 per month or €29.99 a year.

A third level of access called ‘Ultra Thumb’ gives users who have an MTV Mobile handset contract free access to all shows.


MTV said 2.7m people currently use its mobile products across seven countries in Europe, and Under The Thumb merges the features of several existing apps under one roof.

The music channel is clearly trying to expand its reach among its teenage viewers – often referred to as the MTV Generation – who expect to be able to consume content on their mobiles and are moving away from traditional linear TV broadcasters.

MTV has also stolen a march on social TV app Zeebox which offers similar features to Under The Thumb, but takes control of the ad sales and social features away from the broadcaster.