Many organisations deserve credit for taking Customer experience seriously but what is not so apparent is how widely the quality of online engagement is being properly understood and digested.

It was clear from a roundtable we hosted on Web Analytics last week that the more successful vendors are now putting their focus on customers to help build an understanding of what individuals are doing (or not doing).

The value of data can be quite limited if it can’t be tied up with the whole customer piece.

Web analytics is clearly a key ingredient to understanding the online experience but is still only part of the picture.

For example, improved conversion rates are good for your business in the short term but this doesn’t tell you whether your customers actually like being on your website and the effect it has on your brand.

Usability testing can help build your understanding, but, like analytics, it needs to be used in conjunction with customer surveys, competitor benchmarking, brand awareness etc …

But how many multi-channel companies are doing all this in an integrated fashion?

The huge response to our Customer Engagement survey, sponsored by cScape, suggests that there is a large appetite for knowledge in this area.

For those who haven’t responded, we are still keen to hear your thoughts about this subject. A carrot for doing the survey is a free copy of the report but we also hope that respondents find the questionnaire thought-provoking. Click here to do the survey.

Among other things, It covers measurement of customer relationships and barriers to achieving the best possible experience. The survey is live until Thursday 9 November.

If you are interested in Web Analytics specifically then you can download our Web Analytics Briefing for free (including a write-up of the roundtable discussion, an overview of the market and the latest stats and useful resources).