We’re seeing growing interest from site owners in doing A/B split testing and multivariate / multivariable testing – for landing pages, for product pages, for buying processes, for e-mails and so on.

But who are the service providers out there specialising in offering such solutions?

We (E-consultancy) are looking at doing some specific content and events (roundtables, training and so on) around the topic of testing and optimisation as we see it as an enormously important topic going forwards.

At this stage we’d be interested to know whether you think the topic is of interest, and also who you know out there that specializes in this area? Have you got any experiences, recommendations or suggestions to share? Feel free to put yourself forwards if you are a supplier / agency!

Following is a list of companies currently on our radar:

Specific multivariate / multivariable / split testing tools and services:

Site conversion optimisation solutions (typically continuous learning approach):

(NB I’ve left out a whole load of online advertising optimisation solutions, including the behavioural targeting crowd here – in theory these can of course be used to serve and optimize content on your own site, not just your ads on other sites.

I’ve also left out a number of optimisation solutions that are largely focused around search engine marketing e.g. landing page optimisation analytics built into a bid management tool. The above multivariate testing tools will often be used for search marketing optimisation of course.)

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Ashley Friedlein