Furniture retailer is relaunching as an e-commerce site in a move to improve customer experience.

The company’s affiliate concept, which links to products from 1,500 partners, will continue to operate under a new domain name before Christmas. will then operate as a merchant site, selling products from smaller and boutique designers.

The move raises questions over the affiliate model, but CEO Nicole Vanderbilt sais that this is primarily about improving customer experience.

First and foremost it’s about the user, we want to make it easier to buy in one spot. From a business point of view we will have a stronger relationship with our client and we will own the customer much more than we do now.

Vanderbilt said that Mydeco in its affiliate form will move to, and is still a strong business since it works for shoppers that like breadth of choice. 

The e-commerce site will be aimed at customers that want a more interactive experience, and like the Mydeco iPhone app will include 3D visuals of the products.

Matt Swan, client strategist from affiliate marketing company Affiliate Window, said that data collection is likely to be a primary driver behind the relaunch.

It means they will be able to identify their customers, see what they are spending and target them in specific ways.

Swan added that more advertisers are asking for better information on customers, so any affiliate that can provide this data is in a stronger position.