, an international networking site for parents, has officially launched after completing the public beta programme it started in March.

Calling itself an ‘advice-opedia’ for parents worldwide, the site claims to have signed up “hundreds of thousands of members” for its user-generated content and other Web 2.0 features.

Owned by Australia-based Vibe Capital, it also claims to be in talks to license its technology to other online community start-ups, as well as considering the launch of more social networking ventures in other vertical sectors.

Minti’s features include shared parenting advice, social ranking of content, free blogs and user-created sub groups. It has also adopted user tagging and tag clouds, private lounge areas, RSS feeds and a Q&A function.

“Minti is just starting to get a feel for the Web 2.0 space and what may be possible,” said its co-founder Clay Cook.