MySpace has announced a new targeted ad platform on the social network, which looks like a version of Google AdSense for display ads.

The system, SelfServe, is aimed at small businesses, politicians etc, and will allow advertisers to create and target display ads, as well as providing analytics tools to track their effectiveness. 

Brands will be able to tailor ads according to a range of factors, including demographics, location, and user interests.

It is unclear whether MySpace has enabled advertisers to stop ads appearing alongside inappropriate/offensive content, as happened when several brands found that their ads were appearing on BNP Facebook pages. We’re awaiting comment on whether or not the system has any negative matching capabilities.

According to MySpace, users can opt to target only ‘PG’ rated user profiles, which will not contain any offensive content. The platform is currently being tested by a small number of advertisers, and will be released in beta early next year.

Myspace also announced that the first phase of its other new ad platform - ’HyperTargeting’ - has been completed successfully, having passed the 50-advertiser mark for the new system.

HyperTargeting allows advertisers to target user groups based on the interests they have outlined in profile pages. The first phase allowed users to be targeted in 10 different categories, sports, music and travel. The second phase will allow advertisers to target users in 100 sub categories, so that sports fans, for instance, can now be targeted according to their preferred sport.

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