Myspace could be worth $15bn within three years, according to one Wall Street analyst.

In a research note quoted by Reuters, RBC Capital analyst Jordan Rohan said he had come out of a meeting with Fox Interactive enthused about the site’s experienced management, ”massive” global appeal and potential to become “an intellectual property distribution powerhouse“.

While admitting his claim sounds “audacious”, he thinks “media investors may not fully appreciate what has already been done with MySpace or what may lie ahead.

He added: “$15bn in a few years? It is possible.

Rohan said Myspace, which says it has over 90m active users, was currently sold out of space for video advertising, and that the CPM on a premium show such as The Simpsons is as high as $35 to $40 on the site.

The launch of Myspace’s mobile service is three to four months away, he added.

Despite his forecast, it still seems unlikely that Rupert Murdoch has any plans to spin-off the site in the near future, having bought it for $580m less than a year ago.