Music discovery/recommendation site MyStrands has launched a version of its service dedicated to videos, allowing users to create music video channels based on their preferences and viewing history.

MyStrands takes its video content from YouTube and displays the videos in a slightly larger fromat than the video sharing site, which does mean that the picture quality can suffer slightly.

You can choose to view an artist channel, or your own personalised channel. As with for music, you can tell MyStrands whether you love the video that’s playing, or ban it.

Alongside the videos, similar artist channels are displayed, as well as links to Amazon to purchase CDs. After viewing a video, you can choose to see more videos by the same band, or let MyStrands recommend something similar.

It’s a pretty impressive service, the interface is nice and easy to use, and its very handy if you want to avoid having to trawl through YouTube for music videos.

An account with MyStrands is not necessary to use the service, but you’ll need to sign up if you want the site to record your viewing history.

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