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 says it has achieved promising results from early tests of transactional banners – ads that allow customers to make purchases without having to click through to an online store.  

A trial campaign for satnav company Navman produced a 15%+ response rate on three motoring websites in the month up to July 10th, according to Fhlame.



The ads, built on the agency’s Tailgate technology, generated response rates of…

  • 18.6% on
  • 16.4% on (Motoring section).
  • 16.8% on

Although some users may have been clicking on the ads purely out of curiousity, the rates clearly show levels of interaction and compare favourably with typical banner response rates of below 1%.

Fhlame’s MD Chris Autry told E-consultancy that there had only been a few sales, but that that was at least partly down to the high prices for the products on offer (£299+). He added:

“Tailgate is not solely about transactional banners, it’s about changing the online advertising equation significantly. Why just advertise when you can allow people to get something useful done instead? Make the web an application like it should be.”

Chris also said that a number of hotels and travel groups were about to launch transaction banner campaigns.

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