Nectar is the UK’s largest customer loyalty programme, and since its launch in 2002, more than ten million UK households regularly collect Nectar points.

The Nectar website, which allows users to spend the points they have earned on everything from CDs and DVDs to discounts on holidays, has recently relaunched with a view to improving usability.

We caught up with Roger Sniezek of Loyalty Management Group (which owns and operates the Nectar brand) to find out more about the site’s relaunch.


Why have you decided to relaunch the site?

We undertook a very detailed usability study on from which we identified a number of improvements we could make to the website, together with suggestions from internal and external groups. We alo wanted to bring the website in line with the latest Nectar branding.


What was behind the decision to relaunch the site?

Improving the usability of the website will improve the conversion-to-action for each of the functions of the website: account maintenance, finding information, points redemption, and purchase through our online shopping mall (Nectar eStores).

We also wanted to create a technical architecture which would enable a very high degree of flexibility in developing the website in the future without necessarily requiring an ‘IT Project’ each time.


Can you tell us what’s new about the site?

There is a fresh look and feel across the website, reflecting the latest Nectar branding.

Much of the terminology has been updated to more easily understood terms e.g. ‘Rewards’ is now ‘Spend points’.

Underneath the bonnet of the website, we have built a new architecture called ‘Dynamic Page Builder’ to enable the website to be changed and enhanced rapidly and robustly. The whole of the presentation tier code base and content is now content managed by the e-commerce department, outside of IT.

We have planned incremental releases of the website every month this year, with improvements and new features in each one.


How has the relaunch gone so far? Any problems?

The new website went live as planned on 21st February. We launched at 11am, without any website downtime. Using the new technology, we are able to push new releases of the website live, generally without any downtime.


Can you give me some facts and figures on the number of users of the website?  

  • receives approximately 1m unique visitors per month.
  • Over ten million UK households collect Nectar points regularly.
  • Since Nectar launched in September 2002, we have given away over £800m in rewards to Nectar collectors.
  • On average, a Nectar card is swiped 19 times a second, every hour, every day.


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